Named as the reputation - FEIHE Formulas' quality

Since 1962

FEIHE, established in 1962, born in the hometown of crane - Qiqihar, is one of the earliest dairy factories in China.

FEIHE is, on which listed in Nov 2019, the largest dairy enterprise in the history of Hongkong Stock Exchange.

FEIHE is specialized in the research of early life’s body constitution & breast nutrition.

The technology, formulations and process are developed to improve on the quality of infant formulas to fit for the early life.

Much fresher, and better fit for baby is our pursuit.

A Global Sales Leader of Infant Formula - 200,000,000 cans per year chosen by the mothers.

Hongkong Stock code: 06186.HK

Latitude North 47° 


On Latitude North 47° - the golden milk zone in the world, FEIHE has established the whole infant formula industry group from pasture planting, self-owned milk source construction, feed processing, large-scale dairy farming from manufacturing to marketing and the whole processess are under control.

40 million square meters exclusive farms;

exclusive farms;

Only one time harvest in the black soil.

Precious Black Soil Land


The black soil land in the Northern Hemisphere is one of the four major black lands in the world (the rest are distributed in the United States,Ukraine and Argentina), and also the precious"Ice cold black soil". 

The plants of "King of grass" - Alfalfa, oat and corn are cultivated in the exclusive farms. The contents of crude protein and solid dry reach 15% - 25%, which ensure the daily nutrition of cows.

Exclusive Farms


Thermostatic cowhouses

Music Sound

Massage and SPA

Professional dieticians
Scientific formulated recipes of feeding

The Daily Lives of 7 Modern Farms

More than 80,000 Holstein cows are enjoying their cow lives in FEIHE's exclusive farms

The whole process adopts the TMR (total mixed ration) feeding method

The special nutritional formula is made according to the daily nutrients required by different dairy herds

2-Hour Lock Freshness

Low temperature cold chain transport

Fresh birth with 2-hour ecosphere

FEIHE Interlligence Factories

FEIHE's Own Farms

Lock-in freshness

Fully enclosed cryogenic transport

Fresh raw milk (fresh milk) production

Drops to 4 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes

2 hours from milking to processing

Automatical fresh milk collection

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The Modern Intellegence Factories


Three-dimensional vacuum instant sterilization technology and 15-second CFD intelligent pasteurization technology minimizes nutrient loss and retains natural active substances in fresh milk.

During the production process, the 360-degree online real-time detection technology can detect the nutritional content of each particle powder every 3-5 seconds to ensure the particles is stable and the nutrition is balanced.

MSD multi-stage low-temperature drying technology enhances the instant solubility, fluidity and stability of milk powder, and the size of milk powder particles is uniform.

Achieve faster dissolution in warm water, no wall hanging, no agglomeration, and better absorption of nutrients.

HACCP, GMP certification 
WCM world-class manufacturing management system
25 comprehensive procedures
300 inspection points

FEIHE's scientific research


FEIHE has established China's first dairy engineering academician workstation.

Breast milk is the best food for babies aged 0-6 months. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) recommend exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months of life to achieve optimal growth of babies. development and health.

Since 2009, Feihe has continuously focused on breast milk research and established a breast milk database.

Through independent research and development, these data provide a theoretical basis for leading the development of basic research in the industry, guiding product formula design, and developing formulas that are closer to the nutritional content of breast milk.