China's Feihe has entered Kantar BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands and deserves its name as the No. 1 brand of domestic infant milk powder

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On August 25, the 2022 Kantar BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands list was released. China Feihe was selected for its continuous technological innovation and world-leading market performance, demonstrating the strong strength of China's leading dairy brand.

The list is released by Kantar Group, a global brand data and analysis organization. It combines the "financial value" created by the brand with the "brand contribution" obtained from consumer surveys, and truly reflects the "brand value" of the company. Known as the "Oscar" of the global branding industry. As the only award-winning infant formula brand, Feihe's brand strength has been fully demonstrated, and Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei and other well-known brands were also selected.

Kantar BrandZ’s official report specifically pointed out that “the baby formula brand Feihe has conducted a lot of research and publicity around the unique health needs of Chinese mothers and babies, and emphasized that its milk comes from the best pastures in China, and its products are “More Suitable for Chinese Babies”.

Feihe has been focusing on making high-quality infant milk powder for 60 years, winning the trust of consumers with quality and innovation, this is also an important reason why Feihe was selected as the "Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands" list. As early as 2006, Feihe took the lead in building the first 10,000 cows ranch in China on the golden milk source belt at 47° north latitude, taking charge of the stable and controllable milk source, and spent more than ten years of hard work to gradually build the first Chinese infant formula milk powder industry cluster has realized the full controllability of all links from source pasture planting, feed processing, large-scale dairy cow feeding, to production, processing, and after-sales service. Today, Feihe has taken the lead in making 100% fresh raw milk powder from pastures in terms of forage planting, self-owned milk source construction, and milk source sufficiency. More than 200 million cans of Feihe milk powder are chosen by mothers a year.

In addition to guaranteeing and improving the freshness and high quality of products from the source, focusing on scientific research and innovation has also become an important reason why Feihe has been able to go through cycles many times and achieve continuous improvement in brand value in the past 60 years. Feihe has always supported and advocated breastfeeding, and insisted on conducting breast milk research in China. It is reported that Feihe has built the largest Chinese breast milk database in the country. At the same time, Feihe has also established two major technical routes of Chinese breast milk pedigree research and CHMP Chinese breast milk plan. A total of 25 national and provincial important scientific research projects have been undertaken, including 17 national major scientific research projects, covering breast milk research, product research and development, research and development of key raw and auxiliary materials, large-scale dairy cow breeding technology innovation, raw milk testing, etc. In 2021, Feihe has published 39 papers and authorized 105 patents, many of which have won international authoritative journals. Some of the results of the latest breast milk research have been applied to the product, and continue to refine the formula of milk powder that is more suitable for the physique of Chinese babies.

As a national enterprise with a development history of 60 years, Feihe has now become the number one brand in China's infant formula market. Previously, Feihe had been on the list of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" for five consecutive times, and won the 2021 China Central Radio and Television Station's 2021 "Brand Power Project" integrated communication classic case, and the 2022 China Brand Power Ceremony "The light of National Brand" which fully reflects the strong driving force of its brand.

In the future, Feihe will continue to be a strong leader in innovation, continue to meet consumer needs, comprehensively improve product quality and stability, and use its strength to promote the development of Chinese brands.